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Advice and News from Hey Mr

  • Product Spotlight: Edwin Jagger Pre-Shave Cream

    Edwin Jagger Pre-Shaving Cream

    At Hey Mr, we've been growing our range of Edwin Jagger products over recent months and one of our latest additions is their pre-shaving cream.

    I first came across Edwin Jagger's pre-shave cream when we were kindly sent some samples.  Everybody has their favourite pre-shave and shaving creams; this is now one of ours!

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  • The Men's Guide to Nail Care

    Mens ManicureGents, we're about to talk about a topic that might make you feel uneasy. If not, congratulations: you're comfortable with your sexuality. Nevertheless, it's an important subject, and one which all modern men should know about: Nail care.

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  • Espionage and Testosterone: The Sterling Archer Style Guide

    Sterling ArcherFirst of all, if you don't watch Archer yet, you need to go do that. Because this will make, like, no sense to you otherwise. Go ahead. I'll wait here until you get back.

    So that was awesome, right? And now you understand that Archer is the world's deadliest spy, has stunningly handsome, chiselled features and rock hard abs, and is highly skilled in the arts of Krav Maga and lacrosse (which is the best sport ever. EVER).

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  • The Art of the Perfect Shave

    There's an art to shaving – pick up the cheapest shaving tools on offer and use a shoddy technique and, well, you'll only have yourself to blame when you end up with a face full of nicks and rashes. If you're a more sophisticated sort of gent than that (and we know you are – just look at you, you handsome devil), then you'll certainly benefit from these natty recommendations.

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  • Grooming for Modern Men: Approved by Women Everywhere

    Once upon a time, women were the only ones who were allowed to make an effort with their appearance. Moisturising and manicures were rooted firmly in the realm of women. Men had to be gruff, rough and unkempt. Fortunately (speaking as a woman), that's no longer the case.

    Let's keep it simple, shall we? These are the things you should do.

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  • Why Use A Wet Shaving Razor?

    Apart from the fact that our razors can look impressive in the bathroom, there are a number of reasons why you should use a wet shaving razor:

    a) To achieve a close uniform shave

    b) To develop a routine which treats your whole face, exfoliating, massaging, moisturising and shaving.

    c) To feel great at the start or end of the day; a regular shave can be enjoyable and theraputic.

  • How To Look After Your Shaving Brush

    A badger hair brush is a natural product that should last ten to fifteen years with the right amount of care.

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